Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

Talk about last minute!  We've been on vacation and after a 17 hour drive yesterday, we're finally home.  I was sad to miss the Coffee Lover's Blog Hop, so I took a bit this afternoon to make a card.  It's the summer edition, so I thought I'd make a fun, bright card.  Hopefully you can see the coffee cup.  My photography when tired is SO bad.  Goodness.

I'll share some pictures of our trip and Laila's birthday a bit later.  I have to run and check on the kitten and make sure she's not climbing the curtains.  :) 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Camp Create Day 1

Hey!  Nice to see you again.  There's been so much going on this month, but I finally took a break to play along with the MFT Camp Create.  It took me a lot of attempts since I'm feeling out of practice, but I was finally able to finish a card.  Yay!  The first day's challenge was to use watercolors.  I did try to do the cool rainbow galaxy background in the example, but after 4 or 5 disasters I gave up.  i did make a galaxy one, but it's not quite that cool.  I thought it would be a good background for my favorite super hero.

So what have I been up to?  Well, more butterflies, but we did hit a snag there.  Our neighbor decided to "rescue" a cat that climbed into his car motor.  To him this meant allowing her to live outside and roam.  Well, of course there are now kittens.  Four of them. They showed up on my porch one day and I noticed that something was wrong with one of them.  I trapped her and took her to my vet.  She had a bad hernia that needed repair very soon.  Being the suckers we are, we scheduled it and now we have a cat.  When I went to ask to take her, they just said they didn't even know where the kittens were and seemed uninterested, so I knew they weren't going to spend $300-400 helping her.  Thankfully my friends and family all pitched in and we were able to do it.  She's been inside for a week now and is just precious. Laila named her Little Lady.

 She loves to snuggle and purrs so loud!  It was not good timing and I sure didn't want a cat, but it looks like she's ours.
Because all the kittens and momma were just covered in fleas and full of worms, we treated all of them to help with that.  Unfortunately the flea meds and caterpillars are a bad mix.  :(  We lost quite a few and I've just left them in the garden for now and will try raising them inside once I feel like we've cleared that off our hands.  That was pretty devastating.  I thought having Jason administer them and washing my hands often would be enough, but now I know.  Those little things are super sensitive. I was able to use gloves and mail some Monarch eggs to a lady in south Texas, so I'll count that as helping to save some even when we can't.