Monday, April 23, 2018

Stamping Bella Bess the Butterfly

Hello! It's been almost a month. How did that happen???  It's been a crazy busy month, so I haven't been stamping much. I started a new medication to try and get my depression/PMDD under control and it was wiping me out. I don't know why they told me to take it in the mornings, but now that I'm taking it at night it's okay. Whew! Our school issues with Laila continue and that's been rough. We have a second ARD review on Wednesday, so send good thoughts. I think we are going to end up having to homeschool, but Jason isn't ready to pull the trigger on that yet. Add in the death of a cat, a cat catching our resident cardinal, and my dad being sick and it's been a month. A very long month.  Now we just need to get Laila through her ear infection and get a plan for school and cross our fingers for a better May.

I hope you are having a better time. Our butterfly season is off to a small start, so I'm excited about that. We've been helping the school with their butterfly garden as well. That has motivated me to color up some of these adorable Stamping Bella stamps. I love them and I kinda want the other two in the series. lol

 Have a great Monday! I'm off to try and clean off my desk and get ready to try and stamp some tomorrow before I volunteer at the book fair for a bit. Laila's class gets to shop tomorrow, so I am going to go shop with her as well. She only wants every book in the flyer except for one. Ha!!