Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Harry Potter Card


I took the custom domain off my blog since I kinda need to save money for homeschool supplies. Not sure how that will affect things, but I hope this makes it way to you. 

Hello!!  How are you? I'm actually still alive. Not stamping much, but I'm here. Homeschooling is taking up a lot of time and I'm slowly trying to work back in my hobby. We are currently doing a unit study on the first Harry Potter book, so I figured I'd color up this image and make a card. :) 

Things are going a bit better here, but of course there are still rough days. We do weekly therapy, weekly OT, and are seeing a psychiatrist for her anxiety/ADHD. I'm thankful for the progress. I'll share a few pictures below of some of our school and outings. 

First, here's one of our Cope's gray tree frogs. We raised tadpoles and now we have four pet frogs. I love them! It's so fun to watch them hunt down crickets. We took the opportunity to learn a lot about frogs as part of school. 

Here's Laila working on her cursive. Handwriting has been a huge issue, which is why we are doing OT. She has both fine and gross motor delays that need addressed. Cursive seems to be much easier than print and we are taking it super slow. 

This is Bellatrix, Laila's new pet. She's a Madagascar hissing cockroach. Laila loves her and she joins us a lot for our reading. She's pretty chill and not as freaky as I would have thought. Laila spent her own money to buy her at a reptile show. 

A couple weekends ago we traveled up to Fort Worth to see Dav Pilkey. Laila loves Dogman and Captain Underpants, so it was a great time. She did so well even though it was crowded and a bit chaotic. I was so proud of her. 

So that's where we are. I hope you all are doing well. Hope to be back with another card soon.