Sunday, May 17, 2020

MFT Double Challenge

Hi friends. How are you? Still hanging in there? We are, but some days it seems like we barely do. I have been stamping and mailing out cards, but blogging seems like a lot of work. I don't know why? Maybe it's just the extra time to edit a picture and then write up everything. Much easier to just mail it, right?  Anyway, today I played along with the MFT Color Challenge and their weekly Wednesday Sketch Challenge I hadn't used this cute set yet and thought it might be perfect.

Aren't those fun? I got as close to the colors as I could from my stash of supplies, so I hope I got close enough.

So life here seems the same most days. Laila did have some excitement this week. She got a new loft bed that she is LOVING. She went from a full bed to a twin, but she loves being up high. Plus that leaves room underneath for a future reading area. She also decided to become a hair butcher and cut off a big chunk of her hair in the front. She went from hair halfway down her back to up above her shoulders for now. She cut a patch almost down to the scalp in the main front, so we'll have to deal with that once it starts growing out. Crazy kid. I wasn't planning on going near a hair salon for a while but we had to get it fixed. It was awful because she cut it with kitchen shears.

So yeah, that's our fun. lol We are still doing school and trying to make that work without our library. It does open back up soon for pickups, so we shall be ready for that!

I'm off to read for a bit before bed. Take care.