Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Recap!

I'm going to try and stamp today, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll be back later with a card to share!  I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has sent emails, a card, or left a comment lately.   I am way behind in responding and will try my best to get caught up, but wanted to say that I do appreciate the kind words and thoughts.   Many times I've thought about doing away with my blog but I keep "meeting" so many sweet stampers that it just never happens.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday.  We did and I'll share a few pictures below.  

Grandma and grandpa got Laila a wagon.  While it will be a while before she can really use it, we had to take a few pictures.  :)  

My Mom, Laila, and Me! 

I guess Santa didn't bring her what she wanted.  ;)   She still looks adorable even crying.  (and Liz, if you are reading this we LOVE this outfit and it was warm enough for her to wear it out this week.)

Paper is WAY more exciting (and tastier) than the present.

She did a pretty good job ripping off the paper.   We were surprised and enjoyed watching her so much. 

This is one of my favorite pictures from the many that I took.  That girl LOVES her daddy! 

Now before I go I wanted to ask if anyone might have an idea for a fundraiser.  It has been a while since we raised some money for SMA and my heart feels like it is time to do it again.   We did a cook book last time and I thought about that again or trying to do something with my cards.  Anyway, I'd love any feedback or ideas.


  1. I've done a card buffet for a fundraiser before. $1-$2 a card (I kept them simple with mostly just paper and stamps, sometimes ribbon) and I had everything pre-cut and ladies just came over and stamped a bunch. A friend of mine did a mega-bake sale and had a lot of success fundraising with that. Good luck!

  2. One more idea, some restaurants will let you set up fundraisers and will give a % of customers checks to the cause. I've personally done it with California Pizza Kitchen and 20% of everyone who turned in our flyer with their check that day went to the organization. I've heard that Mimi's Cafe, Chick-fil-a, and a few other places do it too.

  3. Hi Rita, Laila is so cute, and that picture with dad is priceless! For the fundraiser, how about doing simple cards sets? If you do it where we can purchase the cards and the instructions on your blog I would purchase it. Take care and wishing you success with your fundraiser!

  4. Sweet sweet pictures! Love the one with your mom and the one with Daddy is adorable!

  5. Bazinga! Thanks for sharing the sweet pics of Laila and your family for her first Christmas!


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