Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yearly Favorites Part One

I love the yearly wrap-up of sharing our favorite cards from the year.  I'm a little behind posting my first half, but here goes:

January was a tough stamping month for me and looking back I see that my mojo has totally not working!  I did find one that I made towards the last of the month that I liked.  It was a CASE of my dear friend Kathy.

February was special for me because I entered this card in the So Shelli Creative Challenge and won a free stamp set of my choice!   The rest of the month looks pretty bleak though.  I guess I didn't realize how much pregnancy affected my creativity until I started looking back at my cards.  Yikes!

March was another lean month for good cards, but I did find one that I really liked.  I really LOVE this stamp set and now that I've added both a cloud and a grass die to my collection, I really need to pull it out and play!

It took me a bit to find a good one in April, but I LOVE this one.  I miss Fox & Friends so much.   It was really my favorite of all my sets.  I still have it, but now that it is retired I don't find myself using it as much.  The starburst technique is also a favorite of mine and I need to try my hand at it again soon!  It's a good way to use up some DSP!

Now May saw a good card month for me and it was a struggle to pick a favorite.   I finally decided on this one as it is one of my favorites that I've made in my stamping journey.  While I was not a fan of Peach Parfait, I just love this card!

June was a reflective month for me as the birth of my sweet Laila drew closer and finally happened on the 27th.  I hadn't went back and read this post, but as I did tonight it made me tear up a bit.  I really do love stamping. Anyway, I couldn't decide between two cards, so I'll share two favorites.   :)

I'll hope you'll join me again tomorrow to see the next 6 months of favorites!   


  1. I always love your cards!

    Great idea, I'll do a post like this too!

  2. Your card year was amazing.. What a great idea to look back at what you have made for the year I am off to do the same..
    Happy new crafting year
    Sandy :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I still love that kite card...and the sassy fox card...and the drink card. Heck, I love them all!


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