Thursday, December 13, 2012

Club Card and a Funny!

2012 Create Thursday-009
With Laila being sick, I'm running a bit behind on preparing for club.  I finally designed a card to go along with our ornaments today and got it all ready to go.   I'm not sure we'll have time to do both, but we'll see how the night goes.   I saw a fun sketch at Create with Connie and Mary and while I wasn't able to stamp and enter it, I still had a great time with it.

My Happy Hour set seemed neglected so I thought I'd pull it out and make something fun. With the way this week has been going, I could use a cocktail.  lol   Maybe I can treat myself on my birthday next week!  :)
I'm pretty sure my Old Olive went into shock when I pulled it out to use it today. I remember back in the day when it was THE green to use.  I think both it and Chocolate Chip are probably a bit depressed these days.  

Now on to the funny...  

Jason and I were cleaning out some drawers and found this "gorgeous" Valentine that I made him back when I first started stamping.    It's very special that's for sure.  I tried right?   It's good to look back and see how far I've come with my hobby and how much using Stampin' Up! almost exclusively has helped as well.

My sweet girl isn't throwing up today but she is pretty tired.  She fell asleep playing in her bouncy seat today.  I think her tooth is starting to push through the gums a bit more so she has been pretty fussy today.  I am not a fan of teething so far that's for sure.


  1. Such a pretty pink card...! And loving your Sock Monkey card...yes, I too get a chance to look back once in a while and I'm quite impressed with where I am today - no question about using mostly all SU! products, what a huge difference it makes! Glad to hear that your little sweetie is starting to feel better...and I remember that teething was no fun for anyone! This too shall pass....soon I hope!

  2. Beautiful .... both daughter and card!!!

    Love your Valentine .... it's so awesome when we come across those cards from way back then!


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