Thursday, July 12, 2018

Art Teacher Thanks

I never have finished showing you guys the cards I made for Laila's teachers. This was the card I did for her art teacher. I'm not sure how much love the specials teachers get, so I tried to at least do Christmas and end of the year cards with a little gift. She had a lot of trouble in specials, so I figured it would be nice to thank them for their patience. lol

I love this set from Kindred Stamps. Every time I see it on my desk I want to turn on the show and watch him paint some happy trees. :)

She loves her birthday gift from Grammy and Papaw. :)  She's been outside so much since it came! It's so hot, so we have to make sure she's drinking her water.

I'm off to try out this Distress Resist Spray I just got in!  Fun!!!

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