Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pinterest Inspired

If you are on Pinterest and you are like me, you keep pinning away but rarely do anything with the ideas that you pin.  I've decided to quit that and try to be inspired by them.  First, I made this card, a Stampin' Up! version of this one.

Now I already have some ideas how this one could be better (current designer paper, oval framelits), so you might see it again one day.  :)   I just used some things I pulled out of my stash to see how it would look.   I still love last year's Sale-a-bration paper used here, but this year's might be even better!  Have you seen it yet?   It's great and you NEED it!   Maybe I need to redo this card with it?  ;)

Next, for dinner tonight we made a recipe I'd recently pinned.  Now strangely enough, I don't think I'd ever tried chicken teriyaki before.  Huh?  It's true.  I've never been a fan of rice or any type of Asian food until I was pregnant with Laila.  PF Chang's orange chicken was my obsession then and I guess the love of it stuck around even after Laila was here.  Jason is happy as he loves it has missed it in the years we've been together.  I still can't figure out what made me decided I had to have orange chicken one day.  I'm sure it was something on Pinterest though!   Anyway, the recipe was a bit salty but after talking to Jason, he doubled the sauce ingredients when he shouldn't have.  We'll make it again CORRECTLY and it should be better.   Now I can add Japanese food to my list of things I'll eat.  

Laila still has a runny nose and a bit of a cough, but her fever is gone.  She's been throwing up after her bottles every now and then, but she doesn't seem affected by that too much.  We just clean up and start over.  The congestion and coughing seem to cause it, so I guess we'll be dealing with it until she's over this.  I am hoping we can avoid the doctor, but if things don't clear up soon I'll call and check in with the nurse.   I hate taking her in because a few times we've caught something that was worse than what we went in for!


  1. LOVE the inspiration! So, we are supposed to actually make things we pin? Ha! I love the colors on the Crumb Cake background. It all just pops! I actually bought a stampin' magazine today at Michaels because I was really inspired by some of the ideas I saw in there. You are driving here to make that chicken this weekend, right? :)

  2. Love the card you created. I liked this same pin but didn't do anything about it :). Thanks for the inspiration and the wonderful recipe!

  3. I think that your card is wonderful as it is, but would like to see it a bit updated as well. Laila looks so sweet but you can tell she still isn't feeling better yet...still hoping she improves every day!


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