Friday, April 17, 2015

Two Paper Divas Inspiration

A bit of a late post today, but it's been one of those weeks where I haven't stamped much and needed to do a bit tonight.  I wanted to show off this great new set from Two Paper Divas.   It is called Let Freedom Ring and it is a fabulous patriotic set.  You can't really go wrong with stars and pennants!  :)   I did a watercolor background in blue and then used the stamps to make a banner.  It's a fairly heavy card with all those layers, but I wanted to add more of the red, white, and blue in so I just kept adding more and more mats! 

It's storming here again tonight, so it might be a rough one.  Laila seems scared of thunder lately and wakes up if it's too loud.   We've discussed that thunder means rain and rain means the flowers grow, but that only works to calm her fears part of the time.   I can't say much since I'm scared of storms too.  She gets that honestly.  

My little sleeping beauty.   She rarely naps now, but she did today and was then up late and full of energy.  It was cracking us up!  She was just going and going!   She's been working on using the potty for a while now and keeps getting better and better about asking to go when she needs to.  We are super excited about that!


  1. Great card to showcase this set! Love the yellow thrown in with all the red, white and blue and heavy or not; all these layers work great! Your daughter is a doll and so glad you keep us updated on what she is "into" now! Thanks for sharing!


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